We believe that safety is paramount in order to age awesomely. Because of this, we have put together this collection of senior safety solutions. 

Each of the solutions below will include comprehensive information on the topic including definitions, buyers guides, product reviews, and other educational material. 

Our goal is to provide senior citizens and their caregivers transparent information and recommendations for the tools they will need as time goes on. 

Medical Alert Systems

These are medical alarms that allow senior citizens to request emergency assistance at the touch of a button.

They typically include a pendant or bracelet that have a call button. There are numerous add-on options as well for various needs and situations.

Walk-In Bathtubs 

Walk-in tubs are made for people who have trouble moving around like they used to in the past. 

One in four seniors will experience a fall incident each year. These tubs are a necessity for any senior seeking to remain independent.​